Yoga Hammock
Yoga Hammock
Yoga Hammock
Yoga Hammock
Yoga Hammock
Yoga Hammock

Yoga Hammock

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Anti-Gravity Yoga Hammock

This aerial yoga hammock has many health benefits it relieves compression in the spine, challenges your central nervous system, mental capacity, and proprioception. This yoga hammock is made for yoga, pilates, body shaping, & flexibility and it would improve your overall health & grab yours today.

Product Specifications:

  • Item Type: Yoga hammock
  • Capacity: 500kg
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Size: 250*145CM
  • Color: Green, pink, red, yellow, sky blue & deep blue
  • Accessories: Master Bed + 6 handles
  • Material: 210 Taffetas, commonly known as the parachute cloth

Installation Steps:

  • First, install in the ceiling hooks, fixed plate or steel tube can hold, the distance between two hooks 50 cm to 80 cm is preferred. Installation hook needs to cut holes in the ceiling, ceiling not suitable for installation. (installation must be on the fixed objects can bearing)
  • If the ceiling is higher, need to add to extend belt, extended length of 1.8 meters, the length of the anti-gravity yoga is 1.4 meters to 1.5 meters, so the higher the ceiling is also can be used.
  • The mountaineering hook at the ends of the anti-gravity yoga to prolong it is good for the end of the belt.


  • To hang a hammock it must be strong, the support of ride height head upside-down from the ground, not more than 15 cm, to prevent accidentally falling injuries.
  • Before use, please check whether the yoga hammock stage link is loose, whether extended with excessive wear. 
  • Avoid carrying buttons and damage to yoga hammock or sharp objects.
  • Pay attention to the yoga hammock around the ground is flat and level, avoid with gravel, the branches of the existence of sharp hard objects such as location.